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Goddess Offering

Our offering is simple and clear, to Goddess in all her forms, to the beauty in every drop of water. At the 2018 Fabulosa Fest, we set up at the spring fed sistern to honor the Goddess. A young 9 year old feminist came to our site and asked, "why are you tying her up?" I replied, "We are Merms (non-binary mer-folk) and instead of making Dreamy a tail out of fabric, I'm practicing rope art and making her one out of rope. We are using these peacock feathers as fins. We are doing this as an offering to the Goddess, because we're goddess worshippers." "Oh, I get it."She replied, "Do you you want me to fan her with some of these feather?" "Yes, the Goddess would love that. Thank you"

The Goddess incarnate Dreamy recieved offerings all afternoon. We were blessed with so much bounty and beauty, the peacock feathers came from the farm down the road. When she was ready to swim, she swam until all the fins floated away. What a beautiful way to spend the day.

photos by Renee Etienne

video by Cheryna Guzman

Loud and clear for all to hear. May we receive these blessings in every splash and every drop

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