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All of You Welcome Here



All of you is welcome here

All of your senses, embodied wisdom, ancestry, experience, stories, emotions, spiritual beliefs and practices, physical and energetic shapes, make up the complex being that you are. It is common, when engaging with pleasure, that grief, 

other emotions and memories arise. 

We develop a practice of being with what arises.

Sense of time

Our sense of time is vital to our ability to experience pleasure.

Pleasure exists in the ever expanding present moment.

Past experiences of trauma can restrict our access to pleasure.

This practice is guided by your sense of timing and trust.

We move at your pace.

We breathe into the present. What are you noticing?


Wisdom of the body

Our bodies hold wisdom and are always speaking. Voice is an extension of breath and your voice is central to this process. Grounded in embodied consent, we practice somatic awareness of the physicality of emotions, desires, boundaries and pleasure. Becoming fluent in the feeling of yes, no, maybe and the wondrous spectrum of response. How are you listening?



I honor the infinite ways that eros, inspiration and creativity are interconnected and the infinite ways our desires can be expressed and brought to fruition. I weave a wealth of experience as an expressive artist into my practice and offer invitations to explore and support your imagination and creativity. 

What inspires and nourishes you?



Subtle and profound, humans live in a constant state of transformation. Bringing awareness and intention into this process is powerful and creates ritual. 

What is ready to shift? What does transformation mean to you?


Trauma informed

I acknowledge an ever growing awareness of how trauma shows up in the lived experiences of my clients. I honor that my lived experience and shape can and does affect others with and without my awareness. I practice with peer support to increase my awareness and reduce harm. I commit to continued education and accountability practices as I unwind my socialization as a white person.

I am honored to support people on their journeys of exploration, erotic embodiment healing and pleasure.

I am Greta (g/she/they), I’m a Certified Somatic Intimacy Educator, and I help people to live more fully in their bodies. 

Utilizing breathwork, movement, client guided touch, somatic inquiry and rituals of co-creation, I hold containers where one can listen to and be led by the wisdom of the body. My practice is grounded in enthusiastic consent, trauma informed touch and pleasure focused healing. Empowering voice and choice, each session is tailored to the individual needs and desires of the client. 

Each person will have a unique expression of erotic wholeness and 

I am honored to hold space for that journey. 

 I believe that our sensual selves hold the key to our wholeness, to our belonging to each other and this planet. I offer private sessions and workshops for people of all gender identities, expressions and sizes.​


I am white, queer, feminist, trans-inclusive, poly-normative, kink knowledgable and life affirming.

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I received my certification through a private mentorship with Caffyn Jesse, who is one of the founders of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education and a pioneer in this field.

I am continuing my education at the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education

additional trainings

Intimacy Educator with Caffyn Jesse 2018

Wheel of Consent with Katie Spataro and Corrine Diachuck 2019

Wheel of Censent in BDSM with Katie Spataro and Max Cameron 2019

Cultivating Pelvic Wellness with Katie Spataro 2021

Yielding to Pleasure- Neuroaffective touch for SSE with Rahi Chun 2022

Deep Dive into Muffing with Katie Spataro and Lucie Fieilding 2022

Exploring the intersection of Somatic Sex Education and Psychedelic healing modalities

with Caffyn Jesse and Rahi Chun April 2023

For Inquiries and connections
Greta Flowers


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