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What a Blessing it is to Rest

What a Blessing it is to Rest

About a year a ago, I harvested these words from a collaborative ritual with Caffyn Jesse and Jude Vesvarut. This poetic message rose out of our shared experience and continues to ripple through me.

What a Blessing it is to Rest

To rest and be held in the moment, slowing breath, relaxing the body and restoring. Rest is a human need, a human right and human gift. Rest without connecting worth to productivity, simply being enough. Tricia Hersey, the Nap Minister, writes of rest as a third space, a collective place in time we all have access to; a place where deep knowledge and wisdom reside. Grind culture, born of capitalism, born of white supremacy, born of stealing rest from melanated bodies, inundates us with the belief that our worth is connected to our productivity. Commodifying energy.

We must rest to grieve.

Only from this place of rest, this collective third space, can we access our grief. Grief is universal, though, what I grieve as a descendant of white settlers is different from the grief of the global majority. From a place of rest, I can mourn the inheritance of oppression and power structures that have created such imbalance in our world.

Grief informs Our longing

Our grief gives depth to our longing. Clarifying desire, we feel what is lost, missing, in need of repair. From a place of rest I can feel the deep desire for balance and right relationship with all relations. I desire to be in harmony with Our Earthbody.

Our Longing feeds Our Dream

The existence of our longing proves the existence of that which we desire. Even if we cannot see it or touch it in this present moment, somewhere the resonant vibration exists. Our longing builds a bridge to the dream of a more just and sustainable world. We must rest to dream, to vision, even when our eyes are open.

We belong to Our Dream

Our dream is longing for us to dream it into existence. Our dream is our compass, our inner knowing, the dream palace, the vision board, the guiding star that continues to call us forward. The reaching is mutual. Imagination is key.

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