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Whole Body True Voice Communion

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

WHOLE BODY TRUE VOICE COMMUNION with Heather Wolf and Greta Flowers

Sunday November 12th 11am-5pm: Georgetown Healing Arts, Seattle.

The Whole Body True Voice Communion A day long delicious dive into embodied vocal expression. Our day will be woven with embodiment practices, vocal explorations, nervous system regulation, breath work, listening to and giving voice to different parts of our bodies, partner exercises, journaling prompts, spontaneous song making and nourishment.

Includes a delicious gourmet organic vegetarian/vegan lunch of Nepali-style dahl, sourdough bread, and salad. Brewess herbal tea and raw drinking chocolate.

Who is it for?

This event is for everyone with a voice who feels called to explore and strengthen their relationship with their voice. You do not have to be an experienced singer. This is not about singing well, pretty, or in the “right” way. This is a space and place of discovery, remembrance, embodiment and collective liberation.

When Greta & Heather discovered that their independent offerings around voice are so complementary and harmonious they decided to bring them together for a fabulous full bodied daylong communion.

The Whole Body True Voice Communion intends to strengthen our connection to our unique voices by discovering and celebrating our natural resonance. We honor that voice is an extension of breath and breath is key to our embodiment. Our voice is medicine. Every one of us carries a sacred power in our voice – to enchant ourselves and our world. The voice is a direct channel for our most authentic self, making vocal expression both deeply vulnerable and powerful. Many of us are estranged from our voices, fear to sing, blocked by shame and wounding. Whole Body True Voice Communion is a space to lovingly feel and heal, to clear and open the channel of our voice through bodily accordance. We begin with acceptance of our unique voice exactly as it is. We root into ease instead of effort, practice softening instead of pushing through. We cultivate a direct relationship with the energetic quality of our sound, its resonance in our bodies, and the participation of our whole body in our vocal expression.

The body is always speaking. Somatic practices help us listen to the ways our body is communicating. Attuning to the language of sensation, singing and sounding with bodily awareness naturally opens states of bliss, awakens inner wisdom, intuition and power, and catalyzes healing for our whole body, and each other. Reclaiming our voice frees us in all respects.

We honor that the freeing of voice may also bring with it grief, anger and frustration. By anchoring our communion in somatic practice and nervous system regulation tools, we will each have greater capacity to titrate, hold and attend to whatever arises. We allow harmonies and welcome dissonance with curiosity. We pendulate awareness between our own expression and the embodied experience of our collective expression. Deepening our felt sense of belonging, we will harvest our gifts together.

Hosted by

Greta Flowers (g/she/they) is a certified Somatic Intimacy Educator, singer, performing artist and ritualist based in the lands of the Duwamish people aka Seattle. Voice is at the center of her practice; helping people to access and articulate their inner-knowing, and to cultivate the voice of their desires and boundaries. Utilizing breathwork, movement, client guided touch, somatic inquiry and rituals of co-creation, she holds containers where one can listen to and be led by the wisdom of the body. Her practice is grounded in enthusiastic consent, trauma informed touch and pleasure focused healing. Empowering voice and choice, each session is tailored to the individual needs and desires of the client. Greta believes that our sensual selves hold the key to our wholeness, to our belonging to each other and this planet. She offers private sessions and workshops for people of all gender identities, expressions and sizes.​

Heather Wolf (she/they) is an artist for the remembrance of folk wisdom, an herbal Brewess™, bardic singer, musician, sacred circle practitioner, ritualist and animist from the islands of the Salish Sea. Heather developed True Voice out of her own path healing her voice, she teaches what she has deeply learned for herself. Heather offers private True Voice sessions, leads healing retreats and workshops worldwide, gives mythopoeic ritual performances of folk song & story with the mountain dulcimer, and performs with her band Wild Revival. Her work is devoted to reviving folk wisdom traditions and the remembrance of our ancestral heritages. Folk wisdom is carried by the collective, belongs to the whole, is the vital foundation of every healthy culture. These arts relate us directly with our own beings, each other, and temporal place in the living world from which our existence is emergent and interdependent.

For links to music and offerings visit: IG/FB: Heather Wolf.

Give yourself or someone you love a day of inspiring vocal exploration, full being healing, and leave with tools to continue to build your relationship with your voice and your whole body. Love this project and want to support it even if you can’t join on this day? We welcome your financial support at any level and will add it to our scholarship fund.


$150-$200 seedling

$225 established bloom

$250-300 gardener

BIPOC scholarships available

Covid-care: We will ask participants to take a day-of rapid test.

Masking is optional.

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