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Choice is Yours

Private Sessions

I support clients to live more fully in their bodies.

I welcome all genders expressions. 

I offer a practice that nurtures self expression, is grounded in enthusiastic consent, trauma informed touch and pleasure focused healing. Erotic wellness looks different for each person and every session is tailored to meet your individual needs.

The initial intake session is 90minutes, after that all sessions are 2 hours in length and share the structure below.

I offer a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to see if we're a good fit.


We begin by welcoming all the parts of your into this time and space. If it feels right to you, I offer a grounding meditation. We listen and ask your body, mind and heart what wants to be attended to. Honoring what arises for you, we cultivate an intention for the session.


You can choose from a variety of somatic inquiries and practices including but not limited to: consent exercises, client guided one way touch, anatomy and pleasure mapping, body poem, breath coaching or vocal empowerment exercises. As a practitioner, I am here to support and remind you that this is all for you. We are collaborating at your pace.

Savor, reflect, resource

After your chosen activity, we allow time for savoring, which helps deepen the new neural grooves you are creating. When you feel ready, there is room to share about your experience, what was wonderful or difficult? Then we compose a list of resources, home practice activities or words/ images that came up, to help stitch this session into your daily life.


In person

  • Intake session 90min $200

  • 2hour Somatic Intimacy education session $300-$400

  • Series of 5 sessions $1500 

  • Somatic coaching session $125/hour


  • zoom sessions $100/hour

BIPOC scholarship and sliding scale available

For Inquiries and connections
Greta Flowers 


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