Open to the nourishing light  

of your own pleasure.

 Pleasure heals, it’s true.

Pleasure is a fountain, a replenishing elemental force, residing in each and everyone of us.

Pleasure is a voice, whispering from within, that only you can hear and honor.

Pleasure is personal and universal.

Pleasure is a choice, what one finds pleasurable changes.

As we strengthen our connection to what is pleasurable in a given moment, Pleasure becomes a trusted compass, a guide, navigating the landscape of boundaries, consent and desire. 

Pink Rose

Somatic Intimacy Education offers experiencial body based learning that supports transformation and access to profound states of self knowledge. This work is lead by the client’s curiosity and desires, and aims to nurture the sensual self.

This practice provides abundant resources for those seeking to 

  • Release feelings of shame and process un-sequenced trauma

  • Transform old patterns

  • Create new pathways of pleasure for sexual and self discovery

  • Experience profound pleasure and deep self love

  • Cultivate the voice of your desires and boundaries

  • Navigate the landscape of consent and build relationship skills.

  • Deepen connections with your true nature for sustainable, life-long pleasure

I am Greta Jane, a Certified Somatic Intimacy Educator, creative intuitive and expressive artist, based in Seattle. Guided by the Voice of Divine Pleasure that lives in us all, I nurture a container for my clients to experience the spectrum of sensation from grief to bliss with curiosity and compassion. I utilize sound, breathwork, movement and touch to bring people into the present moment, where they can listen to and be led by the wisdom of their body. I work with people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, sizes, shapes, abilities and ethnicities. I am queer, feminist, trans-inclusive, kink knowledgeable and poly-normative.

Our sensual selves hold the key to our wholeness and it is my honor to do this work.

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Greta Jane 


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